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August 22, 2016

3 Causes of Headaches/Migraines That You Didn’t Know About Having the privilege of being in practice for over 17 years while seeing tens of thousands of patient visits, I am amazed how often I speak with a patient about their history and when I ask if they get any headaches, more often then not, we […]

Every time I see an ad or marketing scheme promising fast results in a short amount of time for weight loss, I always think of the scene in the movie There’s Something about Mary when Ben Stiller picks up a hitchhiker who has a *brilliant* sales pitch: 7 Minute Abs! (As compared to the already […]

We Can Help With

What functional labs told me that changed my career.  The thyroid is all the rage in healthcare nowadays, especially in natural healthcare. It seems like almost every health issue is blamed on the thyroid, but is it really? Are doctors picking the thyroid as their scapegoat because it’s easy, or because it’s truly the issue? […]

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